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Let's create something beautiful.

Are you ready for your close up?

You are art. No matter where you are in life, you deserve to see that. A portrait or boudoir session is an amazing way to capture the masterpiece that you are to remember it for years.

Why wait? Celebrate yourself and all that you are. Do it for your birthday, your upcoming wedding, or just to document yourself because you’re amazing! You are perfectly imperfect! There is no prerequisite to appreciating yourself and having some fun! 

"Artcon" Portrait Session

"There's magic in these moments."

Shannon Leigh

Meet Shannon Leigh!

I am Shannon Leigh! I get to spend my life helping amazing people see that they are ART! Whether it’s in a day of boudoir, a creative portrait session, or at one of our Vision Events, we have a fantastic time creating artwork that they will have for years to come!


I have always enjoyed showing my point of view through the arts. There is something so special about having moments saved via your camera, a painting, or some other medium. Being able to look back like a portal to a time in history is just utterly beautiful. My family has always been insanely creative and I was blessed with the opportunity to try all sorts of artistic endeavors to find the ones that best expressed myself. I started taking photos very young, and my hobby grew into a freelance outlet, and eventually, a budding business! 


Over the years, I have logged multiple forms of education, been published in various publications, hosted multiple events, and worked with so many impressive and inspiring people. If you had told me years ago that I would find a way to combine my love of photography, art, history, mythology, adventure, laughter, and creation into one daily experience that is my career, I would have never believed it. To be honest, I wake up to it every day and I still don’t! 


I just have to know! What will we create together? 

"Sunflower" Portrait Art

“Do it!!!! Not for anyone else (making it a gift is a bonus), but it was amazing to feel glamorous and sexy for a day! Such a great experience and confidence boost!”

— Ms. G

Boudoir Bed Portrait

“Shannon was amazing, I felt so comfortable with her. It was so fun, and I felt beautiful!”

— Ms. K

Let's Get to Know Each Other!

We start your journey with a free phone consult! This is a great opportunity for my clients to get to know me and decide if I am the photographer for them. During the call, we will go over the entire process and plan out your perfect session. We will wrap up by finding the best available date for you!

Time to Celebrate You!

The day of your session has arrived! Time to meet up at our private Pawtucket RI studio where you'll start your session with our pro stylist while you relax. Then it is time for your photographic moment. I will guide you through posing and lead you all the way so you can focus on just having fun!

View Your Gorgeous Images!

Now it is time to relax and enjoy the art that you are! We offer both In Studio and Virtual Viewings for our clients convenience. Get ready to sip some champagne and revel in your gorgeous self! This is also where we find the perfect package for you to take home from your experience. 

"Viking" Portrait Session

"Every picture tells a story."

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